We need big investments in our rural communities. We need high-paying jobs. Investments in infrastructure, utilities, education, agriculture, the environment and healthcare will attract those businesses and jobs to our communities.

And once those jobs are available, kids will be able to return home after college–rather than leaving their small town roots for Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago or the coasts.

Our top priority is supporting families in rural Missouri.

We’re fighting for affordable, accessible healthcare, dental care, vision care, physical therapy care, behavioral care, mental healthcare, and end of life care for every single person, regardless of their ability to pay.  For safe, fully funded public schools.

For rural hospital access. For increased support to military families. For quality, comprehensive physical and mental healthcare for veterans. For a living wage. For investments in rural infrastructure. For affordable rural broadband. For 18 weeks paid maternity leave. For low-cost, high-quality child care. For lowering prescription drug prices. For helping students pursue their passion whether it be in the military, college, trade school, technical school, as an apprentice or starting a small business.


We must mandate fairness in every single policy affecting rural Missourians.

For too long public policy has been bought and paid for by corporations. Our campaign isn’t taking one dime of corporate PAC money. The only group to whom our campaign answers are the good people of the Fourth District of Missouri. 

We’re fighting for fairness–fairness in elections. Fairness in the tax code. Fairness in business. Fairness in family farming. Fairness in healthcare access and cost. Fairness in union negotiations, membership, and access. Fairness across gender + race + religious lines.

We will fight against any policy that cuts Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits or military benefits to pay for tax cuts to the wealthy.




We will fight for the freedoms this country promises.

As a military family, there is nothing more important to us than service. Our family is committed to protecting America’s freedoms through public service–whether that’s protecting American interests abroad or helping veterans access their benefits at home.

We will fight for your freedom to pray how you want, to love who you want, to breathe clean air, to fish in clean water, to access quality healthcare, to send your kids to safe schools, to hunt healthy game, and to access the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.