For more than three years, Lindsey worked alongside a small team to represent Mr. Shawn Williams.  In 1993, while still a teenager, Shawn was arrested for murder. The lead detective fabricated evidence, intimidated witnesses, and disregarded eye-witness testimony. When the sole eye-witness to testify at trial recanted her testimony, Lindsey assembled evidence showing that the detective’s tactics constituted newly discovered evidence. Lindsey helped file a motion for vacatur and on July 13, 2018 Mr. Williams took his first steps as a free man.


As a military spouse, Lindsey knows first-hand the challenges that come with deployments and frequent PCSs. She is a member of the Military Spouse J.D. Network, which advocates for licensing accommodations for military spouses, including bar membership without additional examination.

Lindsey has also advocated on behalf of veterans, helping her clients secure veterans benefits, upgrade their discharge status, and access available resources. Her advocacy has taken her to Washington, D.C. where she argued a matter before the Air Force Review Board.




While pursuing her law degree, Lindsey worked in Senator McCaskill’s office to help protect coverage for Missourians with pre-existing conditions. In a pro bono capacity, she has helped rural families secure FEMA benefits after massive flooding, guided families through landlord-tenant disputes and helped seniors navigate health insurance concerns.

For the past twelve years, Lindsey has supported rural communities by helping to advance policies that benefit rural communities, like her hometown in Saline County.

She researched economic decline and flood preparation while working for Congressman Skelton. While working for the Missouri House of Representatives in Jefferson City, Lindsey advocated for the Needs Access grant that helps many rural students (Lindsey included) attend Missouri colleges and universities. She also drafted legislation reforming the criminal justice system and protecting the rights of fathers in Missouri.


Lindsey spent much of her high-school and college years coaching youth gymnastics at the local YMCA. She took her love of helping people succeed with her to graduate school where she was an English instructor–teaching college freshmen composition and literature courses.

Once in law school, Lindsey joined Harvard Defenders where she represented indigent defendants in show cause hearings. Often her clients were teenagers. She helped them with SAT preparation and job searches. As an attorney, she worked with communities of color to help students prepare their college applications.

Group MVC Honors

And for the past several years, she’s mentored students at her alma mater, Missouri Valley College, providing guidance on applying to graduate school programs. She was recognized as the College’s “Outstanding Young Alumni” in 2017.